Digital Holographic Microscope

The Reflection DHM®-R2200 are reflection configured holographic microscopes.



Vertical resolution (defined as twice the accuracy):   0.30 / 6.0 nm / 40 nm

Repeatability: 0.01 / 0.1 nm / 0.5 nm *

Nanosurf FlexAFM

Microscope:    Nanosurf FlexAFM
Cameras:    Auxiliary optical camera for the positioning of the probe on the sample
Lasers:    Visible red laser is employed to detect the displacement of the AFM probe
Scan head: ca. 100 μm × 100 μm lateral range, ca. 10 μm vertical range


Gamry Reference 3000


High-current, high-performance for researchers studying batteries
Maximum Applied Potential - Up to +/-32V@+/-1.5A or +/-15V@+/-3A
EIS - 10 μHz - 1 MHz 

Nikon Eclipse LV150N

Episcopic Illuminator:
LV-LH50PC 12V50W Precentered Lamphouse Bright/darkfield switch and linked aperture stop (centerable), field diaphragm (centerable) Accepts ø 25 mm filter (NCB11, ND16, ND4), polarizer/analyzer, plate, excitation light balancer; equipped with noise terminator 

Leica DM Microscope

Fully Automated Upright Microscope System for Life Science Research Leica DM6 B

High vacuum magnetron sputtering coater

Deposition of alloys (nm to microns)

Thermal Evaporator

Deposition of pure metal thin films (nms to microns)

MTI Micro-tensile Stage W/ Microscope

Max Load: 450N

Sample Gauge length: 4.5 cm 

Thin Film Bulge-tester

Measure the mechanical properties of thin films (nanometers to microns) under the plane-strain condition. 


A floor standing impact system designed to deliver 0.59 -757 J (0.44 - 558 ft-lb) or up to 1,800 J (1,330 ft-lbs) with optional high energy system.